Horizon Group
The Horizon Group


Full Service SR&ED Consulting, both Technical and Financial, with more than 25 years of Experience.
The Horizon Group is a team of professional consultants whose primary focus is on assisting businesses with identifying eligible projects and preparing their SR&ED Tax Credit submissions.

Our group of consultants has extensive technical experience and knowledge in various industry sectors, most notably in manufacturing, engineering and aerospace.

While based in Windsor Ontario, we have successfully helped many businesses throughout the Province of Ontario and in other areas of Canada obtain Federal and Provincial tax incentives through the SR&ED program.

How We Work
At no cost to you, one of technical experts will visit with you to review your potential projects and inform you whether you may have a viable SR&ED tax credit claim.  As part of our ongoing professional services agreement, Horizon consultants provide a pro-active approach to identifying eligible projects, monitoring and documenting those projects throughout their life cycle and preparing the required technical abstracts to support your SR&ED report, ensuring your refund is not just accepted, but that it is maximized.

Eyes Wide Shut
We have had the opportunity to help open the eyes of many Canadian companies to the viability of the SR&ED program who may previously had no idea what was being undertaken on their shop floor was considered Research or Development.  They either simply became to busy, forgot, or assumed that what they were doing would not be considered for an SR&ED Tax Credit.

Full Service SR&ED
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